January 2019

Volume 1, Issue 5

What's happening at the Cannery?

Dry January

Dry January is a popular health trend that has been sweeping the internet over the past decade. It is a challenge to take a break from consuming alcohol (gasp!) for the entire first month of the year. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about the history and benefits of partaking in this trendy teetotaling; the points below were taken from studies mentioned in that article. 

Possible health benefits of abstaining from alcohol for a month: 
-weight loss
-improved concentration and memory
-better skin
-more slow-wave, restorative sleep
-increased energy

For our employees and customers who are abstaining from alcohol this month, we've created a series of mocktail recipes on our Facebook and Instagram pages that offer a healthy dose of apple cider vinegar in place of alcohol. Not only are mocktails a great substitute for alcoholic beverages, but also a yummy way to start incorporating apple cider vinegar into your daily routine.

Try it, you might like it! 

Cranberry Cosmo with Sap! Sparkling Water

Cranberry Cosmo with Sap! Sparkling Water

SALE on Holiday Packs 

If Santa didn't bring you everything you wanted - or if he brought you too many sweets and not enough superfood - there's still time to treat yourself to good gut health in the new year.

Our Amazon Holiday Packs with special edition recipe booklets are 25% off with the discount code 25Cleanse19 at checkout.

Each 4-pack includes 1 Daily Detox Functional Vinegar, 1 Green Energy Functional Vinegar, 1 Cranberry Sipping Vinegar and 1 Ginger Sipping Vinegar.

These sample packs won't last long and won't restock until next year, so hurry!

December 2018

Vol. 1, Issue 4 - Holiday Edition!


It's the most wonderful time of the year! We celebrated the season this year at our annual employee holiday party with laughter, food and gifts.

Apple sauce production has kept us busy this month - with one of the best harvests that we've seen in years - as well as some new projects in the pipeline for vinegar production. We're excited about the innovations and ideas that will come to life in 2019. 

We wish a happy, healthy holiday season to you and yours. 


The VV Team

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November 2018

Cannery Confidential Volume 1, Issue 3

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

We're grateful for loyal customers who help us live the dream of spreading healthy food around the world.  

For many of us, the traditions and comforts of this holiday are deeply connected with food. And food is a great way to connect with those around us. After all, everyone has to eat!

Before you shop for the ingredients for your Thanksgiving feast this year, check out some of the recipes that we've crafted using our line of healthful vinegar products, and consider adding them to your menu. We hope they will bring you inspiration and joy this holiday. 

More recipes can be found here!

As you reflect on your reasons to be thankful this year, we hope you'll count made-with-love, nourishing foods as one of them.


The VV Team

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October 2018

The Labels They Are A Changin’


"Sipping Vinegar" is no more

At least, not by that name.

Based on customer feedback, we have changed the look of our Sipping Vinegar labels to better reflect what's inside. We are losing original name in order to call it what it is – apple cider vinegar with honey and a whole fruit or root.


But never fear! Nothing about the product itself is changing.
We’re hoping that the name change will reduce confusion and reflect that this product can be used in all of the myriad ways that apple cider vinegar can be used - from a daily health shot, to a drink mixer, to a staple ingredient in your favorite recipes.

After all, it’s formulated with apple cider vinegar as the primary ingredient, providing you with all of the health benefits that vinegar has to offer with a more palatable taste.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.16.13 PM.png

What do you think of the new look? Let us know by replying to this newsletter, and we will send you a free coupon! 

To help us run through our current stock, use promo code ThatNewNew for 30% off any single bottle(s) of Sipping Vinegar at www.vermontvillage.com, with a $15 minimum purchase. 


The VV Team 

September 2018


It has been a sleepy season in our apple sauce production room, but we are preparing for the change of seasons that will bring cooler weather, awe-inspiring fall foliage, and most importantly, apples - ripe and fresh, straight to our door, to be turned into apple sauce. We've built our legacy on using simple, natural ingredients and cooking each small batch with pride. 

Much like life in Vermont, the production schedule for our different products ebbs and flows with the seasons. While the apple sauce production line is shut down each summer when fresh apples are unavailable, our vinegar line is in full swing.

And this summer has been the summer of Functional Vinegar.

Check 'em out!

Our vinegar line in Northfield, Vermont has been churning out our new products, Daily Detox with Activated Charcoal and Green Energy with Matcha.

Our vinegar line in Northfield, Vermont has been churning out our new products, Daily Detox with Activated Charcoal and Green Energy with Matcha.

What is Functional Vinegar, you may ask?

It's the next generation of our Sipping Vinegar family of products. Always made with base of raw & organic apple cider vinegar, plus superfood ingredients for your health and well-being, these delicious elixirs make your daily shot of ACV tasty and enjoyable.
We define a functional ingredient as one which meets a specific dietary or lifestyle need, so if you're feeling bloated, try a shot of Daily Detox. Feeling sluggish but don't want the jitters? Green Energy is for you. And if you tend to omit animal joints and bone marrow from your diet, Beauty Boost* with collagen could be your new best friend. 

To celebrate the beginning of apple season and welcome the new Functional Vinegars to our family, we are running a special promotion in our online shop. Buy a 4-pack of Functional Vinegar and get a 4-pack of apple sauce cups FREE with promo code: BOGO18 

Happy Fall y'all!

The VV Team
*coming soon

Buy Now

Terms: Offer expires September 30, 2018 at midnight. All flavors of apple sauce cups are eligible for this promotion. You may receive a free 4-pack of apple sauce cups for each 4-pack of Functional Vinegar you purchase. Type in the code BOGO18 during checkout to activate. Orders over $50 always ship free. 

We want to hear from you! If you have recipe ideas, unique uses for our products, or general comments or questions, reach out to us at info@vermontvillage.com and you could get a shout-out on social media or our next newsletter, plus some free products!

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to produce healthy, accessible food that nourishes communities and spreads the authenticity of Vermont.

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