Vermont Village


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It all started in the 1970's, when a group of local Vermonters established a cooperative based on a shared love of food.  In an effort to establish a commercial kitchen where local community members could process and preserve the yield from their crops, the seeds of our brand were planted. Fast forward to 1995, when years of growth and evolution gave way to a new business, Village Cannery of Vermont in Barre, Vermont was established. In the beginning we focused on producing specifically organic canned foods, and found ourselves at the forefront of the organic food movement. Salsas and relishes were in the mix, but it was our organic unsweetened applesauce that stole the hearts of our customers and continues to be one of our top sellers. 

In more recent history our newest addition, raw & organic apple cider vinegar, has thrived in the market.  With uses ranging widely from culinary, to body care, to daily health shot, to cocktails, it has proven to be an exciting product with a loyal following as well.  Vermont Village finally came into its own as a recognizable brand on store shelves across the country.  Riding the coattails of our apple cider vinegars success, Vermont Village has recently launched over 10 original products that help deliver apple cider vinegar in healthy, appealing and convenient ways. More dedicated than ever to our love of high-quality food, our top priority is creating and sharing innovative products that nourish our customers, community and environment.