Functional Vinegars

Don't just take your vinegar shots, take them to the next level!  Our functional vinegars are similar to our original Sipping Vinegars but they each have their own unique functional ingredient.  Matcha green tea, activated charcoal and collagen are each highlighted in these new products.

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Contains 430mg of activated charcoal per serving.

Think of Daily Detox Functional Vinegar as your daily tune-up in a shot.  We crafted it with raw and organic apple cider vinegar and whole foods known for their cleansing effect, plus activated charcoal made from organic coconuts. The charcoal binds to toxins in your gut and helps carry them out of your system. Peace out, toxin-bros!

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Pack of 4, 8 fl oz bottles



Contains 250mg of matcha and 9mg of caffeine per serving.

Need a pick-me-up without the crash? Green Energy Functional Vinegar is your daily apple cider vinegar shot with an added bonus. Matcha gives you a calm alertness by providing small amounts of caffeine in addition to L-theanine, a compound that helps soothe your nerves. It gets better... Its high antioxidant levels leave most superfoods in the dust! Blended with our organic and raw apple cider vinegar and organic honey, this tonic provides a trio of energizing whole foods. A true match-a made in heaven.

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Pack of 4, 8 fl oz bottles



Contains 1g of collagen per serving.

Collagen helps to maintain skin elasticity and wrinkle-free skin. Vinegar helps to maintain digestions and blood sugar regularity. We’ve combined both ingredients in this refreshing blend to make your life easier.  It’s our lowest calorie sipping vinegar product and it’s delicious. You can thank us later.

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Pack of 4, 8 fl oz bottles



Includes one bottle of Daily Detox, Green Energy, Beauty Boost Functional Vinegars and our Turmeric Sipping Vinegar (which has 2000mg of turmeric per serving!)


Pack of 4, 8 fl oz bottles


Holiday Variety Pack

*LIMITED TIME ONLY* Includes one bottle of Daily Detox and Green Energy Functional Vinegars along with our Ginger Cranberry Sipping Vinegars. Complement seasonal flavor profiles in the kitchen and support your health through the chaos and indulgence of the holidays.


Pack of 4, 8 fl oz bottles

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