January 2019

Volume 1, Issue 5

What's happening at the Cannery?

Dry January

Dry January is a popular health trend that has been sweeping the internet over the past decade. It is a challenge to take a break from consuming alcohol (gasp!) for the entire first month of the year. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about the history and benefits of partaking in this trendy teetotaling; the points below were taken from studies mentioned in that article. 

Possible health benefits of abstaining from alcohol for a month: 
-weight loss
-improved concentration and memory
-better skin
-more slow-wave, restorative sleep
-increased energy

For our employees and customers who are abstaining from alcohol this month, we've created a series of mocktail recipes on our Facebook and Instagram pages that offer a healthy dose of apple cider vinegar in place of alcohol. Not only are mocktails a great substitute for alcoholic beverages, but also a yummy way to start incorporating apple cider vinegar into your daily routine.

Try it, you might like it! 

Cranberry Cosmo with Sap! Sparkling Water

Cranberry Cosmo with Sap! Sparkling Water

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